Specialty lamp

  • Locomotive lamp for Train / Railroad Lamps

    Locomotive lamp for Train / Railroad Lamps

    Features PAR SERIES LOCOMOTIVE LAMP We continues to lead in Halogen and LED technology for the railroad industry. our PAR halogen series has proven to be the most reliable offering in the industry.  Our PAR series provides: ALL PURPOSE LED LOCOMOTIVE LAMP Our most recent introduction the LED A19 lamp.  The lamp is interchangeable installation on diesel and electric locomotives. The LED A19 lamp offers the following unique benefits:
  • landing light for Aircraft

    landing light for Aircraft

    Features Additional benefits include: long lamp life reduces operating costs, line processes to eliminate glass stress, reduced vibration ensuring durability, consistent light output over the life of the lamp for improved safety, vibration resistant improves life of product, and 100% Q.C. Inspection. Q5559:Our company has engineered a longer lasting landing light for Aircraft use. With benefits over the typical landing light Q4559X. The design of the Q5559 encompasses better vibration ch...